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Compost Thermometers

W. H. Cooke Compost Thermometer
  • Rugged, all stainless construction
  • Hermetically sealed - will not fog
  • Unbreakable plastic crystal
  • Pointed stem for easyinsertion
  • Easy-to-read 3" diameter dial
  • Exterior reset adjustment for recalibration
  • Very accurate (+ -1% of scale)
  • Standard range 0-250° F.

The Cooke Compost Thermometer is ideally suited for monitoring interior temperatures of compost piles and windrows. The clear, easy to read dial, with the pointer directly driven by the sensitive bi-metal helix in the bottom of the stem, gives an accurate reading every time. Used by composters everywhere for waste disposal, recycling, mushroom growing, chicken and turkey composting, etc.

Large easy to read 3" dial.

Pointed tip for easy insertion into compost pile.

  • Standard Model: CT-36 (36" stem 0-250° F)
  • Optional Stem Lengths and Ranges Available Upon Request