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Manufacturer of thermocouples and RTD's. Supplier of industrial controls, heaters, and sensors since 1963.




Concerning Japanese industry, which is generally acknowledged to be one of the most advanced in the world, remarkable technical innovation supported by electronics development is underway. While the reach of globalization is also extending, they are playing a role in this technical revolution through the development of versatile temperature/humidity controllers. In this growing and diversifying industrial world, they, as an enterprise offering technology and information, have endeavored to establish a new identify and are developing and manufacturing innovative products under their own brand. Shimaden consistently integrates the latest information and technological breakthroughs in response to increasingly precise requirements and demands. The higher the technical level is that they seek to attain, the more human energy and creativity becomes indispensable. Our future will depend on the individual knowledge and ability of the people. Prevention of pollution, conservation of the environment and natural resources and service and contribution to local communities will continue to be essential parts of their corporate personality. Their mission is to develop technology backed by the limitless imagination, creativity and vision of humanity, and only this can guide Shimaden on its journey to the future. Shimaden is located in Kitamachi, Nerima-Ku, Tokyo.