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Manufacturer of thermocouples and RTD's. Supplier of industrial controls, heaters, and sensors since 1963.




GDS Corp delivers reliable and cost-effective gas and flame detection systems for Oil and Gas, Chemical Processing, Offshore, Semiconductor and Water / Waste Water industries requiring affordable detection systems for the most difficult and challenging environments. Their CSA and ATEX certified fixed and transportable gas detectors, gas sensors, flame detectors and alarm and display controllers are truly state of the art devices offering unparalleled features and capabilities. GDS Corp wireless systems build on their years of experience to provide the reliability of wired systems with the convenience and low installation costs of wireless solutions. In addition, their newest GASMAX TX wireless detector features a battery powered ultra-low-current, highly sensitive infrared detector for combustible gas that operates without a source of local DC power. GDS Corp is located in Santa Fe, Texas.