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Accessories for Miniature Connectors

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Miniature Standard Connectors

Application: Grommet can be fitted in the entrance hold of the connector to prevent moisture and dirt from entering the connector.

Miniature Standard Connector Diagram
  • Construction:
  • Silicone ring, slit for easy mounting over wire. Will compress on the wire when the cover is fitted
  • Temperature Rating 392 F (200 C)

Minature Connector Crimp Insert

Application: Designed for soldering or crimping on mineral insulated cable or crimping on insulated wire.

Miniature Connector Crimp Insert Diagram
  • Construction:
  • Brass machined, nickel plated insert with .1 mm tolerance on the cable.

Miniature Wire Insert

Application: A set wire inserts fitted in the entrance hold of the connector will provide a very good strain relief without any protruding parts from the connector.

Miniature Wire Insert Diagram
  • Construction:
  • Thermoplastic material with a round or oval hold to fit around a specific wire.

Miniature Connector Locking Clip

Application: Miniature connectors do not have a retention groove. In order to prevent accidental disconnection a locking plate can be used.

Miniature Connector Locking Clip Diagram
  • Construction:
  • Glass filled thermoplastic with the same temperature rating as the connector body (392 F)
  • Red color indicates clearly that the circuits are protected
  • Can be placed and removed without any tools.

Mini Connector Wire Clamp Bracket

Application: Wire clamp bracket will provide optimum strain relief.

Miniature Connector Wire Clamp Bracket Diagram
  • Construction:
  • All stainless steel, incl. stainless steel screws

Mini Connector Protection Boot

Application: The two flexible siliccone rubber boots will cover the connector set snugly and prevent moisture, water, and dirt entering the connector.

Mini Connector Protection Boot Diagram
  • Construction:
  • Temperature Rating: 392 F
  • Silicone cover with retention ring to prevent disconnection due to vibration.
  • Tapered entrance hole to ensure proper sealing on most cable diameters.

Mini Connector Bending Protection

Application: Bending protection for thermocouples and wire being used with miniature connectors. Prevents mechanical damage of wires at entrance point of the connector.

Mini Connector Bending Protection Diagram
  • Construction:
  • Silicon rubber insert, tapered entrance hole ensures proper sealing on cable.
  • Temperature: 392 F
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