W. H. Cooke & Co., Inc.

Manufacturer of thermocouples and RTD's. Supplier of industrial controls, heaters, and sensors since 1963.


Email: sales@whcooke.com


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Name/Part NumberImageDescriptionPriceQuantity
Linear 803 Chip../../images/CHIP2.jpgLinear 803 Chip 100936803 MV Rev A24.951
Partlow Y-72 Plug../../images/SC23a.gifPartlow &-72 Plug.17.951
Handles for RFS-20../../images/SC7.gifHandles for RFS-209.951
Alnor Pyrotacalnor/alnor.gifAlnor Pyrotac299.951
Alnor 4000D Gaugealnor/alnor1.gifAlnor 4000D Gauge9.951
Alnor 0650P-1alnor/alnor3.gifAlnor 0650P-19.951
Alnor Vintage Portable Pyrometeralnor/alnor4.gifAlnor Vintage Portable Pyrometer 176019.951
Alnor Pyrometeralnor/alnor5.gifAlnor Pyrometer 4719419.951
Alnor Dewpointeralnor/alnor6.gifAlnor Dewpointer174.951
Alnor Air Velocity Indicator alnor/alnorairveloc..gifAlnor Air Velocity Indicator Model # 985069.951
Alnor Hood & Frame Kitalnor/Alnorbag1.gifAlnor Hood & Frame Kit for Standard Balometer 2'x4' Hood & 1'x4' Hood Part349.951
Alnor Hood and Frame Kitalnor/alnorbag2.gifAlnor Hood and Frame Kit for Standard Balometer 3'x3' Hood & 1'x5' Hood Part349.951
Alnor Thermocouple 4090alnor/lockhead.gifAlnor Thermocouple 4090249.951
Altek Thermocouple Source Tester altek/Altek.gifAltek Thermocouple Source Tester Type J p/n 22J1000F399.957
Altek Thermocouple Source Tester Model 134altek/Altek134.gifAltek Thermocouple Source Tester Model 134399.952
Altek Thermocouple Source Tester Type Kaltek/AltekK.gifAltek Thermocouple Source Tester Type K P/N: 22K1000C399.951
LAV21Amprobe/LAV21.jpgAmprobe: AC Volt/Ampere Recorder75.001
RHLGP-A Double Gas Switch 804112107Antunes_804112107.pngA. J. Antunes: Automatic Reset High Range: 5"-28" Low Range 6"-24" Max Surge Pressure 10 PSI 10 Amp at 125v120.008
129-106-1Excess_Inventory/118_1.JPGElectronics Corporation of America: Anti-Vibration Mounting Kit; For use with Allen Bradley Series 6000 Photoswitch9.001
REL-1P32-SCExcess_Inventory/143_1.jpgAdvance 120V 60Hz Single Lamp Ballast11.0010
41112Excess_Inventory/165_1.jpgBrad Harrison Woodhead 12 foot cable11.001
41112+Excess_Inventory/167_1.JPGBrad Harrison Woodhead Cable13.001
855T-GCBExcess_Inventory/171_1.jpgAllen-Bradley 855T-GCB Series B with BX166 Orange Light23.502
MI951Excess_Inventory/189_1.jpgMetrologic KB Wedge keyboard barcode ps2 ps/2; Comes with 2 DIN PS/2 connector adapters and 1 DB-25 to RJ-45 cable19.991
232SPH14Excess_Inventory/190_1.JPGB+B SmartWorx: Port Powered RS-232 Isolator; For parts, not working19.991
Filter 1/8NPT with glass jarExcess_Inventory/198_1.JPGZenith metal housing with glass jar. Rubber gasket is in good condition15.0010
R10-E1P4-V700Excess_Inventory/205_1.JPGTE Connectivity: Potter & Brumfield Relay24.001
E3Excess_Inventory/206_1.JPGSouth-Land Carbon Products: 4 Carbon Motor Brushes 074-220-10266.001
71315SN1MN00N0L111B2Excess_Inventory/210_1.JPGParker Hannifin Corp: Skinner Valve Solenoid 24v 60hz 10w 620KPa 90ps20.001
Filter 1/4NPT with plastic jar Excess_Inventory/211_1.JPGParkway; Max Temp 240 F13.0011
F0-28DRExcess_Inventory/213_1.JPGSharp Electronics: Drum Cartridge22.001
10-3 43-4955 4-L 48Excess_Inventory/279_1.JPGU.S. Motors: V-Belt Varidrive; 10-3 BELT, 10 Frame; 10-3 Belt that fits on 10 Frame VARIDRIVE units23.001
1280-8M-20 A12125Excess_Inventory/285_1.JPGContiTech Synchrobelt HTD Belt15.003
1200PTH8M-35Excess_Inventory/288_1.JPGDayco RRP Panther Timing Belt; 1200 mm pitch, 8 mm tooth pitch, 35 mm wide17.002
8M-1280-12 230FExcess_Inventory/291_1.JPGGates Corporation: Poly Chain GT Belt USA20.001
1280-8M-30Excess_Inventory/295_1.JPGContiTech Synchrobelt HTD Belt22.005
880-8M-20Excess_Inventory/296_1.JPGThermoid Curvilinear Timing Belt13.002
740-5M 7 457DSExcess_Inventory/298_1.JPGHTD Timing Belt7.002
4L410 02Excess_Inventory/301_1.JPGOptibelt:-VB Belt5.001
1440-8M-30Excess_Inventory/302_1.JPGThermoid Curvilinear Timing Belt19.001
B158Excess_Inventory/303_1.JPGThermoid Prime Mover V-Belt HY-T Plus; 161 in. OD, 0.66 in width15.001
840-8MGT-20 R 2 379DSExcess_Inventory/304_1.JPGGates Corporation: PowerGrip GT2 Belt12.001
720 8M 01 21Excess_Inventory/305_1.JPGOptibelt: Omega HP Belt16.001
3VX265Excess_Inventory/306_1.JPGThermoid Maxipower Cogged Belt4.002
10-3 43-4955 4-N 57Excess_Inventory/308_1.JPGU.S. Motors: V-Belt Varidrive; 10-3 BELT, 10 Frame; 10-3 Belt that fits on 10 Frame VARIDRIVE units23.001
B144 77 10Excess_Inventory/309_1.JPGOptibelt: VB S=C Plus; 21/32 in. x 13/32 in. x 147 in. Industrial20.001
8M-1280-12 223FExcess_Inventory/310_1.JPGGates Corporation: Poly Chain GT Belt20.001
3440 (5L440)Excess_Inventory/311_1.JPGGates Corporation: Truflex Automotive V Belt 21/32 in. x 44 in.; Static Safe6.001
8M-1200-21 353GExcess_Inventory/312_1.JPGGates Corporation: Poly Chain GT Belt19.991
10-3 43-4955 4-N 34Excess_Inventory/313_1.JPGU.S. Motors: V-Belt Varidrive; 10-3 BELT, 10 Frame; 10-3 Belt that fits on 10 Frame VARIDRIVE units23.001
8MGT-1280-12 9275-0160Excess_Inventory/314_1.JPGGates Corporation: Poly Chain GT 2 Belt15.004
8M-1000-21 2940Excess_Inventory/316_1.JPGGates Corporation: Poly Chain GT Belt USA16.001
B144 77 07Excess_Inventory/319_1.JPGOptibelt: VB S=C Plus; 21/32 in. x 13/32 in. x 147 in. Industrial20.001
560-8M-20 4900Excess_Inventory/320_1.JPGBrowning: Gearbelt23.001
300L075Excess_Inventory/321_1.JPGBrowning: Gearbelt; Timing Belt 3/4 in. x 30 in., 80TEETH16.001
2230 (4L230)Excess_Inventory/323_1.JPGGates Corporation: V-Belt 23 in., 5/16 in. thick Truflex2.001
1120 8M 30 235DSExcess_Inventory/325_1.JPGGates Corporation: PowerGrip GT Belt16.001
720 8M 01Excess_Inventory/328_1.JPGOptibelt Omega HP Belt14.004
1280-8M-30Excess_Inventory/329_1.JPGThermoid Timing Belt19.001
3L480 28Excess_Inventory/330_1.JPGBrowning: V-Belt 48 in. x 3/8 in. Fractional HP4.001
T10 1150 122Excess_Inventory/332_1.JPGJason Industrial Timing Belt9.001
T10 1210 243Excess_Inventory/333_1.JPGJason Industrial Timing Belt23.001
T10 1210 312Excess_Inventory/334_1.JPGJason Industrial Timing Belt23.002
T10 1210 482Excess_Inventory/335_1.JPGJason Industrial Timing Belt23.001
T10 1210 502Excess_Inventory/336_1.JPGJason Industrial Timing Belt23.005
T10 1210 L7Excess_Inventory/337_1.JPGJason Industrial Timing Belt23.001
3L180Excess_Inventory/338_1.JPGOptibelt: Light Duty V-Belt3.001
11255M15Excess_Inventory/339_1.JPGGates Corporation: Timing Belt PowerGrip HTD; 5 mm Pitch 15 mm wide, fiberglass reinforced, 8 AMO11.001
1125-5M-15 0R544Excess_Inventory/340_1.JPGJason Industrial Timing Belt; Fiberglass reinforced14.001
8M-1440-21 9273-0074 7E 140KExcess_Inventory/353_1.JPGGates Corporation: Poly Chain GT Belt14.001
210 XL 037 10Excess_Inventory/366_1.JPGOptibelt: ZR Belt6.002
8M-1280-12Excess_Inventory/372_1.JPGGates Equivalent Timing Belt; 8 mm pitch, 1280 mm length, 160 teeth, 12 mm width20.001
9608M12WExcess_Inventory/627_1.JPGTB Wood's Incorporated: Powerch Belt; Belt Type: QT PowerChain, Pitch Length: 960 mm, Number Of Teeth: 120, Pitch: 8M, Belt Width: 12 in.23.002
228-690BExcess_Inventory/628_1.JPGAsco: Numatics Solenoid Valve Coil; 100-115/50, 110-120/60, .12 amps10.002
229-630Excess_Inventory/638_1.JPGAsco: Numatics Flexiblok manifold base kit- side & bottom cylinder port, plug in 3/8" NPTF19.001
PS-4DC DCExcess_Inventory/640_1.JPGCPI Multiple Power Supply; Input: 120VAC 60Hz 0.5A, Output: 12VDC 500mA (each terminal); 2 pcs of 5 AMP main fuse included; Sold as is18.001
MK3780-61B41/EASExcess_Inventory/646_1.JPGMetrologic Barcode Scanner RS232; Scanners power on but don't detect barcode during testing; Includes scanner, data cable, manuals, stand, screws, and power supply20.004
48-5.2-650RExcess_Inventory/649_1.JPGMetrologic Direct Plug-In AC Adapter 612310.003
Set of 4 slotted screwsExcess_Inventory/650_1.JPG5/16" diameter, 1 1/8" length2.002
Barcode Scanner StandExcess_Inventory/651_1.JPGMetrologic13.002
Modified Barcode Scanner StandExcess_Inventory/652_1.JPGMetrologic: Bottom screw has been replaced so that the stand does not stand flat13.001
150L100Excess_Inventory/653_1.JPGPowerGrip Belt; 3/8x1x15 in., 40 teeth8.001
Accu-Sort Ferrite ClipExcess_Inventory/654_1.JPGIncludes- (1) PLT-1M: (4 in) Tie Wrap, (1) 0443167251: Ferrite LRG Cable (.275)11.001
RB6100Excess_Inventory/655_1.JPGJasco Rechargeable Sealed Lead-Acid Battery; 6 Volt, 10 Ah14.001
HBL9308Excess_Inventory/658_1.JPGHubbell Flush Receptacle; 30A, 125V, 2P-3W7.003
HBL9309Excess_Inventory/659_1.JPGHubbell Plug; ANG, 2P3W, 30A 125V, 5-30P, BK14.003
PK2002A001Excess_Inventory/661_1.JPGParker 2" Bunan Piston Seal Kit7.004
P10BC-7Excess_Inventory/662_1.JPGJohnson Controls SPDT 3/20# Low Pressure Switch24.701
Y300TExcess_Inventory/663_1.JPGSMC Interface w/ Bracket2.001
4ZK12Excess_Inventory/664_1.JPGSpeedaire Mounting Bracket w/ Nut3.0010
6ZF65Excess_Inventory/665_1.JPGSpeedaire Bracket Mounting Kit for Regulator1.001
AK473Excess_Inventory/666_1.JPGGast O-Ring1.0034
52021-1000Excess_Inventory/669_1.JPGSchrader Bellows Pneumatic Valve; 4 way cam/spring 2pos valve; 150 psi, Temp. Range: 32F-175F8.001
4FY31 (PS-04-038)Excess_Inventory/671_1.JPGSolberg Air Compressor Filter/Silencer 3/8" NPT - 6 SCFM13.003
Q236EExcess_Inventory/672_1.JPGBanner Emitter; Range: 8 m; Input: 10-30V dc, 2 m (6.5 ft) Cable9.001
8-20-1Excess_Inventory/673_1.JPGHumphrey Solenoid Mounting Base; Does not come with screws2.001
019856Excess_Inventory/674_1.JPGRamsey Roller, Chain Idler 1/4" Pitch5.001
5Z767Excess_Inventory/675_1.JPGSolberg Air Compressor Filter/Silencer12.006
FS131 [0701]Excess_Inventory/676_1.JPGSSAC Entrelec Solid State Flasher; Flash Rate: 90 F.P.M., 120VAC, Rating: 1A, Inrush: 10A9.004
FS131 [4000] 0901Excess_Inventory/677_1.JPGSSAC Entrelec Solid State Flasher Flash Rate: 90 F.P.M., 120VAC, Rating: 1A, Inrush: 10A9.002
3A959 PM-17DY-24Excess_Inventory/678_1.JPGPotter & Brumfield Power Relay; 25AMP 4PDT Chassis Mount14.001
6-Y-41323-402-MEQUExcess_Inventory/679_1.JPGEaton Durant Miniature Electric Counter; 6 Digit, Volts: 24 DC, Power: 3.0 W18.002
H7EC-N-BExcess_Inventory/681_1.JPGOmron Miniature Total Counter; 8-digit, flush mounting, screw terminals24.701
855T-L24Excess_Inventory/686_1.JPGAllen-Bradley 24 Volt Incandescent Lamp (AC/DC)3.002
855T-L10Excess_Inventory/687_1.JPGAllen-Bradley Lamp; 7W, 120V, BA15D Base for Stack Light2.001
EL212-207Excess_Inventory/691_1.JPGNTN Bearing Insert; 2 1/2" inner diameter, 3 5/16" outer diameter, 7/8" height24.701
210KDExcess_Inventory/692_1.JPGFanfir Radial/Deep Groove Ball Bearing; 50 mm ID, 90 mm OD, 20 mm Width, C0, Single Shield11.004
MR-48Excess_Inventory/695_1.JPGMcGill Ball Bearing Caged Roller24.701
84333Excess_Inventory/696_1.JPGLawson Brass Fitting Poly-Tite Union (Pack of 2); 3/8" x 3/8"3.005
3206J2ZExcess_Inventory/697_1.JPGINA Double Row Ball Bearing11.004
WPC012GPNCExcess_Inventory/698_1.JPGNTN-BCA Eccentric Locking Collar Ball Bearing; Consists of: (1) UC208 Bearing Insert- 13/16" bore, 2" OD & (1) C-012 Collar Bearing- 3/4"x1-1/4"x1/2"12.001
UC208Excess_Inventory/699_1.JPGNTN-BCA Bearing Insert; 13/16" bore, 2" OD8.001
MER-223Excess_Inventory/700_1.JPGBrowning Masterline Ball Bearing Insert20.002
VE-219Excess_Inventory/701_1.JPGBrowning Insert Bearing; Single Lip, 1-3/16" bore21.005
104RExcess_Inventory/70_1.jpgAsco 3-way 1/4" NPT valve22.501
103002A01F150Excess_Inventory/746_1.JPGBrad Harrison/Woodhead 3P Male Straight, 15' 16/3 awg pvc Cord; replaces p/n 6192824.001
42MTB-5000Excess_Inventory/747_1.JPGAllen-Bradley Series B Photoswitch Terminal Base; Input: 120VAC, 50/60HZ, 2VA, Used With: 42M Photohead8.003
42MRU-5000Excess_Inventory/748_1.JPGAllen-Bradley Series C Photoswitch Retroreflective Photohead; Photoelectric Sensor Line Infrared 10m Green17.003
60-1791Excess_Inventory/749_1.JPGAllen-Bradley Series B 2-Way 4-Pin Time Delay Module; Missing front cover15.001
40034001Excess_Inventory/758_1.JPGGasket Material; 3" x 3 9/32"12.009
64429601Excess_Inventory/760_1.JPGMounting Bracket Kit; 9000 Series17.003
PD6000-6R2Excess_Inventory/763_1.JPGPrecision Digital ProVu Process Meter; Analog Input, 2 Relays344.001
PDA8006Excess_Inventory/764_1.JPGPrecision Digital Trident to USB Serial Adapter39.001
Mounting BracketExcess_Inventory/765_1.JPGWidth: 3 5/16", Length: 3 21/32", Screw Diameter: 1/4"10.002
M0001AExcess_Inventory/766_1.JPGApple Macintosh Plus 1MB; Model Number: M0001A; FCC ID: BCG9GRM0001A; 120 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 1 Amp, 60W23.001
DC-691PExcess_Inventory/768_1.JPGJUSTer DC-691P Hi-Fi Speaker System9.001
OVU400103/00Excess_Inventory/771_1.JPGHP Media Center IR USB Remote Transmitter; 5V, 500mA23.001
E210567Excess_Inventory/772_1.JPGModem Cable; 26AWG 60°C 150V1.001
E89980-AExcess_Inventory/774_1.JPGSound Cable Style 2547 26AWG LL64151-A1.001
6060P-12Excess_Inventory/776_1.jpgAlnor Pitot Probe17.001
GC83Excess_Inventory/778_1.JPGSony Ericsson Edge/GPRS PC Card; Includes: EDGE PC Card, Case, CD-ROM, User Documentation, SIM Card5.001
SB4100Excess_Inventory/779_1.JPGMotarola SURFboard Cable Modem; 38 Mbps; Comes with power, usb, and link cables9.001
MK3780-61B41Excess_Inventory/782_1.jpgMetrologic Bar Code Scanner RS232; Unit powers on but doesn't detect barcode during testing20.001
6090Excess_Inventory/868_1.JPGHoneywell Metrologic AC Adapter24.001
MCA951Excess_Inventory/869_1.JPGMetrologic MS951/6720 MCA Adapter Box, Requires Cable17.001
3800LR-12Excess_Inventory/872_1.JPGHand Held Products Barcode Scanner22.001
PDT3100-SO864020Excess_Inventory/874_1.JPGSymbol Scanner and Charging Port w/o Battery and AC Adapter25.001
Model 902-AExcess_Inventory/902-A.jpgHerman H. Sticht Company Standco 902-A Digital Tachometer.99.951
BoreScopeExcess_Inventory/br200.jpgExtech Borescope BR200259.952
BR200-EXTExcess_Inventory/br200ext.jpgExtech BoreScope extension BR200-EXT59.951
TXISOPACK USBExcess_Inventory/comusb.jpgNovus Automation TxISOPack USB. The TxIsoPack-USB is a fully isolated 4 to 20mA two-wire loop powered temperature transmitter for in-head assembly.44.951
Crouzet NNR110AExcess_Inventory/crouzet.jpgCrouzet NR110A 4795-J Level Control29.951
Double Range Hand TachometerExcess_Inventory/HHS320.jpgHerman H. Sticht Company Model JX 320 Double Range Hand Tachometer.99.951
6308DTExcess_Inventory/jenco.jpgJenco 6308DT Dissolved oxygen analyzer.549.951
Precision Digital PD693-3-NExcess_Inventory/PD693-3-N1.jpgPrecision Digital PD693-3-N Pulse Input Rate/Totalizer349.991
Wika S-10Excess_Inventory/s-10-1.jpgWika S-10 Transmitter.299.951
ISO Verter IIExcess_Inventory/sc4151.jpgLove COntrols ISO Verter II SC4151199.951
Testo Term HygrometerExcess_Inventory/testoterm1.jpgTesto Term 0562 6100 Thermo Hygrometer.29.951
Precision Digital PD141AFOExcess_Inventory/vigilante.jpgPrecision Digital Vigilante PD141AFO199.951
FDC-7L-Z259FDC-7L-Z259.JPGFuture Design Controls, Inc.: Limit Control 0-800C 0-1400F J type condition: demo40.001
KC10Kokusai_KC10.jpgKokusai KC10 Thermo-Hygrograph Chart Recorder (Yokogawa)90.0010
Partlow 1160Partlow/1160100002.jpg1/16 DIN, microcontroller based, PID controller with dual display and Adaptive Tuning. Includes Loop Break Alarm for heater break detection without additional hardware.249.951
Partlow 1166Partlow/11663110.jpgPartlow 1166 Single Loop Profile Controller129.951
Partlow 1420 ControllerPartlow/1420.gifpartlow 1420 controller Model #14201300000 Supply 90-264V AC 50/60 Hz 4VA AllRelay COntacts (O/P 1,2,3) 2A Resistive 120-240V AC103.951
Partlow 1460Partlow/14601100000.jpgThe Partlow MIC 1460 profile controller is a microprocessor based, single loop, 1/4 DIN controller with programmable setpoint programs.329.951
Partlow 1800Partlow/18001100.jpgPartlow 1800 Process Controller Thermocouple;millivolts DC;milliamps DC;RTD;Volts DC290.951
Partlow 80360Partlow/80360-05001-2104-00.jpgPARTLOW 80360-05001-2104-00 USPP 8036005001210400 TEMPERATURE CONTROLLER 0-600F290.951
224909pet/224909.jpgKarl Dungs Inc.: Dungs magnetic starter type 1211695.001
5InFlameRodpet/5InFlameRod.JPG5" Flame Rod20.004
8437-43pet/8437-43.jpgMarathon 8437-430 Electric Motor 1/6HP 3450RPM 115/230V195.001
BR1pet/BR1.jpgDanaher Controls BR1 Series Reset Timer129.951
DC200E-2-000-1A0000-0pet/DC200E-2-000-1A0000-0.jpgHoneywell 1/4 DIN Controller, MINIPRO 6VA 120VAC450.001
DC230B-EE-00-20-0A00000-20-0pet/DC230B-EE-00-20-0A00000-20-0.jpgHoneywell 1/4 Din Controller, 2 relay outputs, 90-264 VAC, UL, CE, CSA450.001
DC230B-EE-0A-10-0000000-E0-0pet/DC230B-EE-0A-10-0000000-E0-0.jpgHoneywell Universal Digital Controller 2 relay output, dual display, 90-264 VAC425.001
M836B1033pet/M836B1033.jpgHoneywell Damper Motor215.001
VF560222AApet/VF560222AA.jpgEclipse UV flame detector selectable purge565.003
VF560522AApet/VF560522AA.jpgEclipse flame detector selectable purge565.001
VF560522XApet/VF560522XA.jpgUV flame detector selectable purge explosion-proof750.001
1-2035redington/1-2035.JPGRedington General-Purpose Stroke Counter, new54.951
1-4635redington/1-4635.JPGRedington Compact 5 Digit Stroke Counter, new44.951
11B-1415redington/11B-1415.JPGRedington 5 digit counter, demo34.951
11N-1425redington/11N-1425.JPGRedington ratchet counter, demo34.951
11P-1615redington/11P-1615.JPGRedington rotary counter, demo34.951
21B-1445redington/21B-1445.JPGRedington 5 digit stroke counter, demo34.951
21B-1535redington/21B-1535.JPGRedington 5 digit rotary counter, demo34.951
3311-2000redington/3311-2000.JPGRedington LCD Counter, new36.501
5120-1100redington/5120-1100.JPGRedington HOURS, 8-32 VDC, MINI, PANEL MOUNT, demo39.951
5120-2000redington/5120-2000.JPGRedington AC elapsed timer, demo39.951
5120-2200redington/5120-2200.JPGRedington Hours Counter, new34.951
5120-2200redington/5120-2200Demo.JPGRedington Elapsed Timer, demo34.951
5140-0311redington/5140-0311.JPGRedington 5 figure LCD meter, demo49.951
5200-0000redington/5200-0000.JPGRedington LCD 8 DIGIT, demo34.951
5201-0000redington/5201-0000.JPGRedington terminal block, demo34.951
5202-0000redington/5202-0000.JPGRedington terminal block, demo34.951
5300-0100redington/5300-0100.JPGRedington Digital Counter with manual and remote reset, new49.951
5320-0000redington/5320-0000.JPGRedington Digital Counter with remote reset, new49.951
711-0130redington/711-0130.JPGRedington Elapsed Time Hour Meter, new49.951
711-0160redington/711-0160.JPGRedington Elapsed Time Indicator, new44.951
722-0002redington/722-0002.JPGRedington 10-80VDC rectangular Hour meter, demo16.951
722-0004redington/722-0004.JPGRedington Round elapsed time indicator, demo16.951
732-0003redington/732-0003.JPGRedington 10-80VDC round Hour meter, demo16.951
732-0013redington/732-0013.JPGRedington Hour counter with cup mounting, demo19.951
732-0023redington/732-0023.JPGRedington 10-80 VDC ROUND PANEL MOUNT, demo19.951
9200-HTKredington/9200-HTK.jpgRedington Hand Tachometer with Remote Sensor249.951
P2-4816redington/P2-4816.JPGRedington Electromechanical Counter, new33.501
P2-4906redington/P2-4906.JPGRedington 6 Digit Totalizer, new42.951
KR15-0shimaden/KR15-0.JPGShimaden Co., Ltd.: 6 input selector75.001
SD15-112-AK887F0shimaden/SD15-112-AK887F0.JPGShimaden 4 Digit Digital Temperature Controller Demo; K, 0~1999°F50.001
SR14-12Y-02012-AK874F0shimaden/SR14-12Y-02012-AK874F0.JPGShimaden Temperature Controller; Digital Display, 110-120/220-240V AC, ANSI, K, 0-999°F70.003
SR17-101Y-000012-AJ795FOshimaden/SR17-101Y-000012-AJ795FO.JPGShimaden Time Proportional Digital Temperature Controller; Type: J, Range: 0-499°F75.001
SR17-101Y-000012-AK887F0shimaden/SR17-101Y-000012-AK887F0.JPGShimaden Time Proportional Digital Temperature Control; Type: K, Range: 0-1999°F75.001
SR22-1Y-090shimaden/SR22-1Y-090.jpgShimaden Digital Temperature Controller; J, 0~750°F70.001
SR24-2I-0000shimaden/SR24-2I-0000.gifShimaden Temperature Controller; Input: RTD, Measuring Range: 0-100°C75.001
SR32-101Y-12-AK874F0shimaden/SR32-101Y-12-AK874F0.gifShimaden High Limit Digital Temperature Controller; 110-120/220-240V AC, ANSI, K, 0-999°F65.004
SR41-1Y-230F0shimaden/SR41-1Y-230F0.JPGShimaden Temperature Controller; K, 0~999°F65.001
SR43-1Y-020F0shimaden/SR43-1Y-020F0.JPGShimaden Temperature Controller75.001
50BS15HT 1 3/16sprockets/Sprocket_100_1.JPGMartin Sprocket Roller; 15 teeth, 1.188 in. bore9.002
5016 1 1/2sprockets/Sprocket_101_1.JPGMartin Coupling Half; 16 teeth, 1 1/2 in. bore, 2 1/2 in. OD18.002
5016 1 1/4sprockets/Sprocket_102_1.JPGMartin Coupling Half; 1 1/4 in. bore, 16 teeth, 2 1/2 in. OD14.001
40BTB20 1610sprockets/Sprocket_103_1.JPGMartin Sprocket & Gear, Inc.: Taper Bushed Sprocket; 2 1/4 in.22.002
50JA12Hsprockets/Sprocket_104_1.JPGMartin Sprocket & Gear, Inc.: Sprocket; 12 teeth, 5/8 in. pitch13.001
H5017X1sprockets/Sprocket_105_2.JPGBrowning: Bearing; 1 in. bore23.002
H6018X 1 1/4sprockets/Sprocket_106_1.JPGBrowning: Sprocket; 1 1/4 in. bore, 18 teeth, 3/4 in. pitch32.001
119110 2517 X 1-1/8 KWsprockets/Sprocket_107_2.JPGBaldor Electric Company: Taper-Lock Bush13.002
50B18sprockets/Sprocket_108_1.JPGBrowning: Modified Special Sprocket; Kitted item, 1 5/16 bore, 5/16 X 5/32 KWY, one HHSS7.004
C5016XHsprockets/Sprocket_109_1.JPGBrowning: Taper Bushing Bore Sprocket; 16 teeth16.004
50B24sprockets/Sprocket_10_1.JPGMartin Sprocket; 24 teeth, 3/4 in. bore, 5 1/8 in. OD13.003
H50G12sprockets/Sprocket_110_1.JPGBrowning: Split Taper Bore Sprocket; 5/8 in. pitch, 12 teeth10.001
60BS32 1 7/16sprockets/Sprocket_111_1.JPGMartin Sprocket & Gear, Inc.: Sprocket Roller BS18.001
60BS30 1 5/8sprockets/Sprocket_112_1.JPGMartin Sprocket & Gear, Inc.: Sprocket Roller BS50.003
60A26sprockets/Sprocket_113_1.JPGMartin Sprocket & Gear, Inc.: Sprocket Plate; 23/32 in. bore, 3/4 in. pitch, 26 teeth13.001
100546 50BTL30 2012 RWsprockets/Sprocket_114_1.JPGSprocket45.001
50SDSWsprockets/Sprocket_115_1.JPGU.S. Tsubaki Power Transmission: QD Weld Hub51.001
6020 80 TLH 2012sprockets/Sprocket_116_1.JPGBaldor Electric Company: Bush29.001
6020-AF 2012sprockets/Sprocket_117_1.JPGBaldor Electric Company: Bush35.001
5024X1 1/2sprockets/Sprocket_118_1.JPGSprocket; 24 teeth, 1 1/2 in. bore, 5 1/8 in. OD26.001
51F-1 Sprocket 50 A 21sprockets/Sprocket_119_1.JPGU.S. Tsubaki Power Transmission: SB HT; 21 teeth, 1 in. bore, 4 1/2 in. OD24.001
40 29sprockets/Sprocket_11_1.JPGMartin Sprocket12.002
SK 1 1/4sprockets/Sprocket_120_3.JPGTB Wood's Incorporated: Bushing; 1 1/4 in. bore13.001
40-23 1-7/16sprockets/Sprocket_121_1.JPGSprocket; 23 teeth, 1 7/16 in. bore, 3 15/16 in. OD27.001
50B17 BH-1616sprockets/Sprocket_122_1.JPGBrewer Machine & Gear Company: Chain Sprocket; 17 teeth, 1 in. bore, 3 3/4 in. OD4.001
H5013X1sprockets/Sprocket_123_1.JPGBrowning: Finished Bore with Keyway Roller Chain Sprocket11.001
40BS12 3/4sprockets/Sprocket_124_1.JPGMartin Sprocket & Gear, Inc.: Sprocket; Single, 40, 12 teeth 3/4 in. bore9.002
50BTB32 2012sprockets/Sprocket_125_1.JPGMartin Sprocket & Gear, Inc.: Sprocket; 50 chain, 5/8 in. pitch, 32 teeth, for bushing 201234.001
50A32sprockets/Sprocket_126_1.JPGBrowning: Modified Special Sprocket; 32 teeth, 1 1/4 in. bore, 6 11/16 in. OD24.002
H60Q28sprockets/Sprocket_127_1.JPGBrowning: Split Taper Bushing Bore Roller Chain Sprocket47.002
60AR25sprockets/Sprocket_128_1.JPGLinn Gear Co.: Ready Sprocket H137.002
50BS24 1 1/2sprockets/Sprocket_129_1.JPGMartin Sprocket & Gear, Inc.: Sprocket; 24 teeth, 1 1/2 in. bore, 5 3/16 in. OD31.002
60BTB25 2012sprockets/Sprocket_12_1.JPGMartin Taper Locking Bushing Bore Roller Chain Sprocket43.002
60BTB21 2012sprockets/Sprocket_130_1.JPGMartin Sprocket & Gear, Inc.: Sprocket Roller TB23.001
60BTB19 1610sprockets/Sprocket_131_1.JPGMartin Sprocket & Gear, Inc.: Sprocket Roller TB18.002
60BS16 1 1/2sprockets/Sprocket_132_1.JPGMartin Sprocket & Gear, Inc.: Sprocket Roller BS12.002
Q1 1 1/4sprockets/Sprocket_133_1.JPGBrowning: Bushing; 1 1/4 in. bore, 1/4 x 1/8 in. keyway; 1 bushing has 2 out of 3 screws13.008
H4020X1 1/4sprockets/Sprocket_134_1.JPGBrowning: Sprocket; 20 teeth, 1 1/4 in. bore, 3 1/2 in. OD18.002
8MX-71S-21 2517 77182071sprockets/Sprocket_135_1.JPGGates Corporation: Poly Chain GT2 Sprocket; Max RPM 3670 CE129.002
14MX-36S-20 2517 77192036sprockets/Sprocket_136_1.JPGGates Corporation: Poly Chain GT2 Sprocket; Max RPM 4040 DG102.001
8MX-56S-12 2012sprockets/Sprocket_137_1.JPGGates Corporation: Poly Chain GT2 Sprocket; Max RPM 4670 MC107.001
8MX-56S-12 2012 77181056 BEsprockets/Sprocket_138_1.JPGGates Corporation: Poly Chain GT2 Sprocket; Max RPM 467083.002
8MX-38S-12 1610 77181038 GEsprockets/Sprocket_139_1.JPGGates Corporation: Poly Chain GT2 Sprocket; Max RPM 1067041.004
H60SDS19sprockets/Sprocket_13_1.JPGSprocket; 19 teeth, 2 1/8 in. bore, 5 in. OD18.001
8M-38S-21 SH 77262038 HBsprockets/Sprocket_140_1.JPGGates Corporation: Poly Chain GT Sprocket; Max RPM 1067013.002
8MX-40S-12 2012 77181040 BE1sprockets/Sprocket_141_1.JPGGates Corporation: Poly Chain GT2 Sprocket; Max RPM 967027.002
8MX-40S-12 2012 EDsprockets/Sprocket_142_1.JPGGates Corporation: Poly Chain GT2 Sprocket; Max RPM 967057.001
8MX-30S-21 1108 77182030 LCsprockets/Sprocket_143_1.JPGGates Corporation: Poly Chain GT2 Sprocket; Max RPM 842058.001
8MX-32S-21 1210 77182032 MGsprockets/Sprocket_144_1.JPGGates Corporation: Poly Chain GT2 Sprocket; Max RPM 1236068.003
50BS29 1 Hsprockets/Sprocket_145_1.JPGMartin Sprocket & Gear, Inc.: Sprocket; 29 teeth, 1 in. bore, 6 1/8 in. OD9.001
50BS20HT 1sprockets/Sprocket_146_1.JPGMartin Sprocket & Gear, Inc.: Sprocket; 1 in. bore, 20 teeth, 5/8 in. pitch23.001
681B 6 8 1B-SDS TLQsprockets/Sprocket_147_1.JPGTB Wood's Incorporated: Conv Sheave35.002
2B5.4sprockets/Sprocket_148_1.JPGMaurey Manufacturing Corporation: SDS QD SHV37.001
40BS24 1 3/16sprockets/Sprocket_14_1.JPGMartin Sprocket Roller BS10.001
2012 X 1 5/8" 7858-2610sprockets/Sprocket_150_1.JPGGates Corporation: 2012 Taper-Lock Bushing; 1 5/8" bore10.001
120344 JA X 1-1/4sprockets/Sprocket_151_1.JPGBaldor Electric Company: Q.D. Bushin10.004
W248M12 W24-8M-12-JA TKKsprockets/Sprocket_152_1.JPGTB Wood's Incorporated: Powerch Spkt84.001
W248M12 W24-8M-12-JA TMRsprockets/Sprocket_153_1.JPGTB Wood's Incorporated: Powerch Spkt; Max RPM 1623084.001
117170sprockets/Sprocket_154_1.JPGBaldor Electric Company: 2012 X 2 KW T-L Bush7.002
117154sprockets/Sprocket_155_1.JPGBaldor Electric Company: 1210 X 3/4 KW Taper-Lock Bushing; 3/4 in. bore, Keyway 3/16 X 3/32 in.8.001
117159sprockets/Sprocket_156_1.JPGBaldor Electric Company: 1610 X 1 KW Taper-Lock Bushing; Does not come with set screws5.002
117161sprockets/Sprocket_157_1.JPGBaldor Electric Company: 1610 X 1-1/4 KW Taper-Lock Bushing8.004
117163sprockets/Sprocket_158_1.JPGBaldor Electric Company: 1610 X 1-1/2 KW Taper-Lock Bushing; May not come with screws8.004
H60Q29sprockets/Sprocket_159_1.JPGBrowning: Roller Chain Sprocket; 29 teeth, single strand, Material Type: Steel, Hardened Teeth84.002
50BS181sprockets/Sprocket_15_1.JPGMartin Sprocket Roller; 50 chain, 18 teeth, 1 in. bore14.003
1/A6.4 B6.8-SDSsprockets/Sprocket_160_1.JPGQD Sheave; Max RPM 3490 HD57.003
NCS10H60sprockets/Sprocket_161_1.JPGBrowning: External Tooth Spur Gear94.002
H6024X 1 1/4sprockets/Sprocket_162_1.JPGBrowning: Finished Bore Roller Chain Sprocket; Single Strand, Steel, Hardened Teeth, 24 Teeth41.001
50BS36 1sprockets/Sprocket_163_1.JPGMartin Sprocket & Gear, Inc.: Sprocket Roller BS43.001
H50-30 1 7/16sprockets/Sprocket_164_1.JPGSprocket; 30 teeth, 1 7/16 in. bore, 6 3/8 in. OD87.001
100546 50BTL30 2012 NXsprockets/Sprocket_165_1.JPGSprocket; 30 teeth, 2 5/8 in. bore, 6 5/16 in. OD45.001
H50-30 1sprockets/Sprocket_166_1.JPGSprocket; 30 teeth, 1 in. bore, 6 3/8 in. OD89.001
60BS24 1sprockets/Sprocket_167_1.JPGMartin Sprocket & Gear, Inc.: Sprocket; 60 chain, 24 teeth, 1 in. bore54.001
SF 2 7/16sprockets/Sprocket_168_1.JPGMartin Sprocket & Gear, Inc.: Bushing; 2 7/16 in. w/ keyway Bushing may not come with screws25.002
50BS21 1 1/4sprockets/Sprocket_169_1.JPGMartin Sprocket & Gear, Inc.: Sprocket; 1 1/4 in. bore, 21 teeth w/ keyway18.001
40BS22 1sprockets/Sprocket_16_1.JPGMartin Sprocket & Gear, Inc.: Sprocket Roller; 1 in. bore, 22 teeth12.001
60BS16 1 1/4sprockets/Sprocket_170_1.JPGMartin Sprocket & Gear, Inc.: Sprocket; 60 chain, 16 teeth, 1 1/4 in. bore7.001
Sprocketsprockets/Sprocket_171_1.JPG19 teeth, 1 in. bore, 4 1/8 in. OD27.001
H40H18 1Lsprockets/Sprocket_172_1.JPGBrowning: Sprocket; 1/2 in. pitch, 18 teeth, 1 9/16 in. bore, 3 3/16 in. OD22.001
H50H14sprockets/Sprocket_173_1.JPGBrowning: Sprocket; 14 teeth, 50 pitch9.001
40BS17 5/8sprockets/Sprocket_174_1.JPGMartin Sprocket & Gear, Inc.: Sprocket; Single 40 Roller Chain, 17 teeth, 5/8 in. bore12.001
Idler Sprocketsprockets/Sprocket_175_1.JPG17 teeth, 5/8 in. bore, 2 15/16 in. OD18.001
50TB48sprockets/Sprocket_176_1.JPGBrowning: Standard Roller Chain Sprocket; Bushing Series: 201260.001
50BS20 3/4sprockets/Sprocket_177_1.JPGSprocket; 20 teeth, 3/4 in. bore, 4 3/8 in. OD12.001
50H15 K8sprockets/Sprocket_178_1.JPGSprocket; 15 teeth, 4 9/16 in. bore, 3 5/16 in. OD28.001
40BS15 7/8sprockets/Sprocket_179_1.JPGMartin Sprocket & Gear, Inc.: Roller Chain Sprocket; 15 teeth, 7/8 in. bore, 1/2 in. pitch10.001
D40P20sprockets/Sprocket_17_1.JPGBrowning: Bushed Roller Chain Sprocket71.002
40B16F-1sprockets/Sprocket_180_1.JPGU.S. Tsubaki Power Transmission: Sprocket; 1 in. bore, 16 teeth8.0012
186787sprockets/Sprocket_181_1.JPGSprocket; 16 teeth, 1 in. bore, 2 11/16 in. OD18.001
Ball Bearing Idler Sprocketsprockets/Sprocket_182_1.JPG17 teeth, 2 15/16 in. OD, 203KRR Brewer bearing (5/8 in. bore)18.001
40BB17Hsprockets/Sprocket_183_1.JPGMartin Sprocket & Gear, Inc.: Ball Bearing Idler Sprocket23.001
203PR-C B2-10sprockets/Sprocket_184_1.JPGAsahi: Bearing Deep Groove; 16 x 40 x 18.3 mm5.001
Bushingsprockets/Sprocket_185_1.JPG1 1/4 in. bore, 4 in. OD8.002
Bushingsprockets/Sprocket_186_1.JPG1 1/4 in. bore, 3 3/4 in. OD8.001
SH-1 1/4sprockets/Sprocket_187_1.JPGTB Wood's Incorporated: RBM Bushing QD; 1 1/4 in. bore, 1/4 x 1/8 in. keyway12.001
H6015X1sprockets/Sprocket_188_1.JPGBrowning: Finished Bore Roller Chain Sprocket23.002
H6017X 1 1/2sprockets/Sprocket_189_1.JPGBrowning: Finished Bore Roller Chain Sprocket30.002
60BS13 1 3/8sprockets/Sprocket_18_1.JPGMartin Sprocket & Gear, Inc.: Sprocket; 13 teeth, 1 3/8 in. bore, 3.134 in. pitch dia11.003
SDS 1sprockets/Sprocket_190_1.JPGMartin Sprocket & Gear, Inc.: QD Bushing; 1 in.11.001
60BB13Hsprockets/Sprocket_191_1.JPGMartin Sprocket & Gear, Inc.: Ball Bearing Idler Sprocket; 13 teeth29.002
1610 7/8sprockets/Sprocket_192_1.JPGMartin Sprocket & Gear, Inc.: Tapered Bushing2.001
SF 1 1/2 7838-5108sprockets/Sprocket_193_1.JPGGates Corporation: QD Bushing9.002
120423sprockets/Sprocket_194_1.JPGBaldor Electric Company: SK X 1-1/8 QD Bushing; 1 1/8 in. bore, 1/4 x 1/8 in. keyway14.002
SDS118sprockets/Sprocket_195_1.JPGTB Wood's Incorporated: SDSX1 1/8 SG Bushing; 1.125 in. bore9.005
H5014X1sprockets/Sprocket_196_1.JPGBrowning: Sprocket; 1 in. bore, 14 teeth10.005
120355sprockets/Sprocket_197_1.JPGBaldor Electric Company: SH X 1-1/8 QD Bushing ZU6.001
JA X 1-3/16sprockets/Sprocket_198_1.JPGTB Wood's Incorporated: Quick Detachable Bushing10.001
QT X 25MMsprockets/Sprocket_199_1.JPGTB Wood's Incorporated: Bushing16.001
P5016HEsprockets/Sprocket_19_1.JPGSprocket; 16 teeth, 1.5 in. bore, 3.5 in. OD21.001
80 36sprockets/Sprocket_1_1.JPGMartin Sprocket; 1.25 in. bore, 36 teeth97.001
G 7/8sprockets/Sprocket_200_1.JPGBrowning: Split Taper Bushing; 7/8 in. bore3.001
1210X3/4sprockets/Sprocket_201_1.JPGBrowning: Taper-Lock Bushing; 3/4 in. bore, 3/16 x 3/32 in. keyway7.001
50Q32sprockets/Sprocket_202_1.JPGBrowning: Split Taper Bushing Bore Roller Chain Sprocket18.003
H5028X 1 3/16sprockets/Sprocket_203_1.JPGBrowning: Finished Bore with Keyway Roller Chain Sprocket38.001
H5026X 1 3/16sprockets/Sprocket_204_1.JPGBrowning: Finished Bore with Keyway Roller Chain Sprocket38.001
AL40sprockets/Sprocket_205_1.JPGBrowning: Cover Kit Chain Coupling9.001
SDS 1sprockets/Sprocket_206_1.JPGBrowning: Bushing; 1 in. bore, 1/4 x 1/8 in. keyway12.002
120396sprockets/Sprocket_207_1.JPGBaldor Electric Company: SDS X 1 QD Bushing WW; 1 in. bore, 1/4 x 1/8 in. keyway5.002
Q1 1sprockets/Sprocket_208_1.JPGBrowning: Split Taper Bushing; 1 in. bore24.001
113611 TL22H100-1610sprockets/Sprocket_209_1.JPGBaldor Electric Company: Dyna Sync; Max RPM 1121012.001
6013X1sprockets/Sprocket_20_1.JPGSprocket; 13 teeth, 1 in. bore, 3.5 in. OD; Made in USA21.001
SD114sprockets/Sprocket_210_1.JPGTB Wood's Incorporated: SDX1 1/4 SG Bushing RIM; 1 1/4 in. bore11.001
JA 1sprockets/Sprocket_211_1.JPGBushing; 1 in. bore, 2 in. OD7.001
SH 1sprockets/Sprocket_212_1.JPGBrowning: QD Bushing; 1 in. bore, 1/4 x 1/8 in. keyway21.002
QT25MM XLPsprockets/Sprocket_213_1.JPGTB Wood's Incorporated: SG Bushing7.004
117085sprockets/Sprocket_214_1.JPGBaldor Electric Company: 1610 X 1-3/8 KW KE Taper-Lock Bushing; 1 3/8 in. bore w/ keyway9.001
4036X1sprockets/Sprocket_215_1.JPGBrowning: Sprocket Roller Chain; 1 in. bore, w/ keyway, 36 teeth30.001
120421sprockets/Sprocket_216_1.JPGBaldor Electric Company: SK X 1 QD Bushing VW9.001
120428sprockets/Sprocket_217_1.JPGBaldor Electric Company: SK X 1-7/16 QD Bushing8.001
SF 1 1/2sprockets/Sprocket_218_1.JPGBrowning: Bushing; 1 1/2 in. bore30.001
SDS 1 1/4sprockets/Sprocket_219_1.JPGBrowning: QD Bushing; 1.25" bore. Reverse mounting possible. 3/4" taper per foot is self locking.13.001
H60B13F1sprockets/Sprocket_21_1.JPGFinished Bore Sprocket for 60 Single Strand Chain; 13 Teeth; 1" Bore; w/ Hardened Teeth27.001
SDS 1 3/16sprockets/Sprocket_220_1.JPGMartin Sprocket & Gear, Inc.: QD Bushing W/ Keyway; Finished bore: 1 3/16 in.11.001
B568M30SDSsprockets/Sprocket_221_1.JPGBush Timing Belt; 56 teeth, 2 1/8 in. sheave50.001
8M-56S-21 SDSsprockets/Sprocket_222_1.JPGGates Corporation: Sprocket; Max RPM 467879.003
B408M30SHsprockets/Sprocket_223_1.JPGTiming Belt Sprocket; Teeth/Belt Pitch: 8 mm, Belt Width: 30 mm, Number of Teeth: 40, Bushing Bore Range: 1/2" to 1 11/16"59.001
8M-38S-21 SH TWsprockets/Sprocket_224_1.JPGGates Corporation: Pulley Timing Belt; Max RPM 1067013.008
8M-40S-21 SH TXsprockets/Sprocket_225_1.JPGGates Corporation: Sprocket; Max RPM 778013.001
8M-38S-21 SH UWsprockets/Sprocket_226_1.JPGGates Corporation: Pulley Timing Belt; Max RPM 1067013.002
SK X 1 7/16 SEIsprockets/Sprocket_227_1.JPGQD Bushing; 1 7/16 in. bore, 3 7/8 in. OD15.001
SDS 1 3/8sprockets/Sprocket_228_1.JPGMartin Sprocket & Gear, Inc.: QD Bushing; 1 3/8 in. bore, 3 1/4 in. OD9.001
2517 1-3/16sprockets/Sprocket_229_1.JPGTaper-Lock Bushing; 1 3/16 in. bore, 3 3/8 in. OD5.001
50B15sprockets/Sprocket_22_1.JPGSprocket; 15 teeth, 5/8 in. bore8.001
SDS 1 1/8sprockets/Sprocket_230_1.JPGQD Bushing; 1 1/8 in. bore, 3 1/8 in. OD13.001
B268M20JAsprockets/Sprocket_231_1.JPGHTD Sprocket; 1 3/8 in. bore, 3 in. OD64.002
QTX1-316DL SFCsprockets/Sprocket_232_1.JPGBushing; 1 3/16 in. bore, 2 1/2 in. OD7.001
17LF050 X 1/2sprockets/Sprocket_233_1.JPGBrowning: Pulley; 17 teeth, 1/2 in. bore17.001
17LF050 X 1sprockets/Sprocket_234_1.JPGBrowning: Pulley; 17 teeth, 1 in. bore (Originally 1/2 in. bore, has been machined to 1 in. bore)17.001
8M-75S-21 SKsprockets/Sprocket_235_1.JPGGates Corporation: Sprocket Polychain; Max RPM 3320 NX60.001
72-8M-30 SK 0925 TYsprockets/Sprocket_236_1.JPGSprocket; RPM 3490, 72 teeth, 2 3/4 in. bore, 7 1/2 in. OD117.001
P48-8M-50 SDsprockets/Sprocket_237_1.JPGHTD Sprocket; Max RPM 5410, 2 1/8 in. bore58.001
8MX-50S-21 2012sprockets/Sprocket_238_1.JPGGates Corporation: Belt Sprocket; Max RPM 5150, 8 mm pitch, 21 mm width, 50 teeth, Taper Bore62.001
8MX-37S-36 1610sprockets/Sprocket_239_1.JPGGates Corporation: Cast Iron (CI) High Torque Drive (HTD) Belt Sprocket; Max RPM 680490.001
SH 1 WVsprockets/Sprocket_23_1.JPGBushing; 1 in. bore w/ keyway11.001
120353sprockets/Sprocket_240_1.JPGSH X 1 QD Bushing; 1 in. bore; May not come with screws5.003
H 1 3/16sprockets/Sprocket_241_1.JPGBrowning: Bushing Split Taper; 1 3/16 in., steel3.001
17 teeth, 1 in. bore Pullysprockets/Sprocket_242_1.JPG17 teeth,1 in. bore Pully17.001
1610 1 1/4sprockets/Sprocket_243_1.JPGTaper-Lock Bushing; 1 1/4 in. bore, 2 1/4 in. OD8.001
1610 1 3/16sprockets/Sprocket_244_1.JPGTaper-Lock Bushing; 1 3/16 in. bore, 2 1/4 in. OD5.001
120392sprockets/Sprocket_245_1.JPGBaldor Electric Company: SDS X 3/4 QD Bushing9.002
096036sprockets/Sprocket_246_1.JPGBaldor Electric Company: 25 X 3/4 KS Torq-Tamer64.001
117174sprockets/Sprocket_247_1.JPGBaldor Electric Company: 2517 X 2 KW Taper-Lock Bush; Keyway14.002
119112sprockets/Sprocket_248_1.JPGBaldor Electric Company: 2517 X 1-1/4 KW Taper-Lock Bush18.002
117091sprockets/Sprocket_249_1.JPGBaldor Electric Company: 2012 1-3/8 KW T-L Bush; 1 3/8 in. bore8.001
50BS13HT 1 3/16sprockets/Sprocket_24_1.JPGMartin Sprocket & Gear, Inc.: Sprocket Roller Saber13.001
119252sprockets/Sprocket_250_1.JPGBaldor Electric Company: 2012 1-3/16 IK Taper-Lock14.001
7858-2607sprockets/Sprocket_251_1.JPGGates Corporation: 2012 X 1 7/16 in. 2012 Taper-Lock Bushing, 1 7/16" bore9.001
2012X 1 1/2sprockets/Sprocket_252_1.JPGTaper-Lock Bushing30.005
117081sprockets/Sprocket_253_1.JPGBaldor Electric Company: 1610 X 5/8 KW Taper-Lock Bushing4.001
1610-3/4sprockets/Sprocket_254_1.JPGU.S. Tsubaki Power Transmission: Taper-Lock Bushing13.002
H40-15sprockets/Sprocket_255_1.JPGSprocket; 15 teeth, 7/8 in. bore, 2 11/16 in. OD20.001
40 17sprockets/Sprocket_25_1.JPGMartin Sprocket & Gear, Inc.: Sprocket Roller A9.0012
40B16 1sprockets/Sprocket_26_1.JPGG&G Manufacturing Company: Sprocket; 16 teeth, 1 in. bore, 7/8 in. width4.001
50JA12sprockets/Sprocket_27_1.JPGMartin Sprocket & Gear, Inc.: Sprocket Roller B QD7.001
50BS10 1sprockets/Sprocket_28_1.JPGMartin Sprocket & Gear, Inc.: Sprocket; 50 chain 10 teeth 1 in. bore11.002
H5015X1sprockets/Sprocket_29_1.JPGBrowning: Finished Bore with Keyway Roller Chain Sprocket23.009
60B30sprockets/Sprocket_2_1.JPGMartin Sprocket; 0.75 in. bore, 30 teeth, 7 9/16 in. OD24.006
H6012X1sprockets/Sprocket_30_1.JPGBrowning: Finished Bore with Keyway Roller Chain Sprocket18.004
W488M12 W48-8M-12-SDSsprockets/Sprocket_31_1.JPGTB Wood's Incorporated: Powerch Spkt111.002
NSS1664sprockets/Sprocket_32_1.JPGBrowning: Spur Gear; 1 in. bore, 64 teeth18.007
Hsprockets/Sprocket_33_1.JPGSprocket; 24 teeth, 1 1/2 in. bore, 5 1/8 in. OD13.002
50B30sprockets/Sprocket_34_1.JPGMartin Sprocket & Gear, Inc.: Sprocket; 3/4 in.-SB, 5/8 in. pitch, 30 teeth, B-Hub, No. 50 Chain13.001
Sprocket - 30 teeth, 1 1/4 in. bore, 5 1/8 in. ODsprockets/Sprocket_35_1.JPGSprocket- 30 teeth, 1 1/4 in. bore, 5 1/8 in. OD13.003
H5021X1sprockets/Sprocket_36_1.JPGBrowning: Finished Bore Roller Chain Sprocket; Single Strand, Steel, Hardened Teeth, 21 Teeth30.001
40BS24 3/4sprockets/Sprocket_37_1.JPGMartin Sprocket & Gear, Inc.: Sprocket Roller; 40 Chain, 24 teeth, 3/4 in. bore18.001
50BS19 1sprockets/Sprocket_38_1.JPGMartin Sprocket & Gear, Inc.: Sprocket Roller; 1 in. Keyed Bore, Size 50, 19 Teeth18.001
LX1-7/16sprockets/Sprocket_39_1.JPGBushing; 1 7/16 in. Bore w/ Keyway6.002
50TB24sprockets/Sprocket_3_1.JPGSprocket; 5.12" OD, 24 Teeth, #50 Chain Size; Use TB201223.002
40BS21 1sprockets/Sprocket_40_1.JPGMartin Sprocket & Gear, Inc.: Sprocket Roller; 1 in. bore, 21 teeth17.001
50H18sprockets/Sprocket_41_1.JPGBrowning: Sprocket; 18 teeth, 1 5/8 in. bore, 3 7/8 in. OD54.001
50BS16HT 1sprockets/Sprocket_42_1.JPGMartin Sprocket Sabertooth; 1 in. bore22.001
50BS16 1 Hsprockets/Sprocket_43_1.JPGMartin Sprocket; 16 teeth, 1 in. bore, 3 1/2 in. OD30.001
B504B9sprockets/Sprocket_44_1.JPGRex Sprocket; 9 teeth, 3/4 in. bore, 3 3/16 in. OD18.002
H5012X1 1/4sprockets/Sprocket_45_1.JPGBrowning Finished Bore Roller Chain Sprocket8.005
50JA12 Hsprockets/Sprocket_46_1.JPGMartin Sprocket; 12 teeth 5/8 in. pitch40.001
8MX-71S-12 2012 77181071sprockets/Sprocket_47_1.JPGGates Poly Chain GT2 Sprocket106.002
W308M12 W30-8M-12-QTsprockets/Sprocket_48_1.JPGTB Wood's Powerch Spkt71.001
W328M12 W32-8M-12-QTsprockets/Sprocket_49_1.JPGTB Wood's Powerch Spkt71.001
SF STLsprockets/Sprocket_4_1.JPGMartin Bushing QD Steel51.001
H4024X3/4sprockets/Sprocket_50_1.JPGBrowning Sprocket Roller; 24 teeth, 3/4 in. bore, steel18.002
H5013X 1 3/16sprockets/Sprocket_51_1.JPGBrowning Sprocket Roller Chain; 13 teeth, 1.1875 in. bore18.004
H4017X7/8sprockets/Sprocket_52_1.JPGBrowning Finished Bore Roller Chain Sprocket12.005
7838-0010sprockets/Sprocket_53_1.JPGGates JA QD Bushing 5/8" Bore6.001
3520X3/4 F9sprockets/Sprocket_54_1.JPGSprocket; 20 teeth, 3/4 in. bore, 2 5/8 in. OD9.001
JA 1sprockets/Sprocket_55_1.JPGBrowning Bushing w/ Keyway 1/4 in. x 1/8 in., 1 in. bore13.001
HB40A17X5/8sprockets/Sprocket_56_1.JPGBrowning Ball Bearing Idler Sprocket; 17 teeth, 5/8 in. bore12.002
4016X 5/8sprockets/Sprocket_57_1.JPGBrowning Sprocket; 16 teeth 5/8 in. bore11.003
H50TB12sprockets/Sprocket_58_1.JPGBrowning Bushed Roller Chain Sprocket; Use 100818.002
C4016X1sprockets/Sprocket_59_1.JPGBrowning Sprocket; 16 teeth 25.10 mm bore22.002
104851 D60BTL28 2517sprockets/Sprocket_5_1.JPGBaldor Dodge Sprocket166.002
117164sprockets/Sprocket_60_2.jpgDodge 2012 X 1 KW T-L Bush; 1 in. bore, Keyway 1/4 in. x 1/8 in.9.004
117084 1610 X 1-1/8 KWsprockets/Sprocket_61_1.jpgDodge Bushing 1 1/8 in. Bore Taper Lock w/ Keyway 16104.002
2012 7/8sprockets/Sprocket_62_2.jpgMartin Tapered Bushing14.002
40BS15 1 3/16sprockets/Sprocket_64_1.JPGMartin Bored to Size Sprocket; 15 teeth, 40 pitch, 1 3/16 in. bore w/ keyway10.005
50BTB16 1610sprockets/Sprocket_65_1.JPGMartin Taper Bushed Sprocket11.002
40BS16 1 1/4sprockets/Sprocket_66_1.JPGMartin Bored to Size Sprocket; 1 1/4 in. bore, 16 teeth 1/2 in. pitch11.002
40BS16 3/4sprockets/Sprocket_67_1.JPGMartin Bored to Size Sprocket9.002
40BB17H 5/8sprockets/Sprocket_68_1.JPGMartin Idler Sprocket Ball Bearing; 17 teeth 5/8 in. bore21.004
Sprocketsprockets/Sprocket_69_1.JPG17 teeth, 11/16 in. bore, 2 1/4 in. OD9.001
50 32sprockets/Sprocket_6_1.JPGMartin Sprocket16.002
T95 257 14sprockets/Sprocket_70_1.JPGSprocket; 14 teeth, 3/4 in. bore, 1 7/8 in. OD; Rust from storage9.001
Sprocketsprockets/Sprocket_71_1.JPG14 teeth, 3/4 in. bore, 1 7/8 in. OD9.004
H5015X 1 3/16sprockets/Sprocket_72_1.JPGBrowning Sprocket; 50 chain, 15 teeth 1 3/16 in. bore9.003
H40G13sprockets/Sprocket_73_1.JPGBrowning Bushing Taper Sprocket9.001
25B12sprockets/Sprocket_74_1.JPGBrowning Type "B" Minimum Bore Sprocket9.005
2012 1sprockets/Sprocket_75_3.jpgAmetrico Bushing Taper Lock; 1 in. bore14.001
50BTB25 2012sprockets/Sprocket_76_1.jpgMartin Taper Bushed Sprocket; 25 teeth9.001
50BTB18Hsprockets/Sprocket_77_1.JPGMartin (1610) Sprocket Roller TB Saber14.001
50BTB18H 1610sprockets/Sprocket_78_1.JPGMartin Sprocket; 50 chain 18 teeth, Taper Lock9.001
50BS18 1 3/16sprockets/Sprocket_79_1.JPGMartin Bored to Size Sprocket Roller18.002
60BTB32 2012sprockets/Sprocket_7_1.JPGMartin Sprocket Roller TB32.001
40BTB18 1210sprockets/Sprocket_80_1.JPGMartin Taper Bushed Sprocket; 18 teeth, 1/2 in. pitch, 1 1/4 in. bore8.002
40BB17Hsprockets/Sprocket_81_1.JPGMartin Ball Bearing Idler Sprocket23.002
40BS15 1 1/4sprockets/Sprocket_82_1.JPGMartin Bored to Size Sprocket; 15 teeth, 40 chain, 1.25 in. bore10.002
35BS18 1/2sprockets/Sprocket_83_1.JPGMartin Bored to Size Sprocket; 3/8 in. pitch, 1/2 in. bore, 18 teeth9.008
40BS12 1sprockets/Sprocket_84_1.JPGMartin Bored to Size Sprocket Roller; 40 chain, 12 teeth, 1 in. bore7.001
H50P26sprockets/Sprocket_85_1.JPGBrowning Split Taper Bushing Bore Roller Chain Sprocket14.003
H50TB24sprockets/Sprocket_86_1.JPGBrowning Hardened Sprocket27.002
H40H20sprockets/Sprocket_87_1.JPGBrowning Bushed Roller Split Taper Sprocket; 20 teeth23.002
H4018X3/4sprockets/Sprocket_88_1.JPGBrowning Finished Bore Roller Chain Sprocket17.001
H4012X3/4sprockets/Sprocket_89_1.JPGBrowning Finished Bore with Keyway Roller Chain Sprocket12.002
50 30sprockets/Sprocket_8_1.JPGSprocket; 2 in. bore, 6.25 in. OD25.001
50BS12HT 1 1/4sprockets/Sprocket_90_1.JPGMartin Sprocket Roller Sabertooth; 1 1/4 in. bore6.002
40BS18 1sprockets/Sprocket_91_1.JPGMartin Bored to Size Sprocket; 1 in. bore, 18 teeth8.001
40BS16 1sprockets/Sprocket_92_1.JPGMartin Bored to Size Sprocket4.002
JA 1sprockets/Sprocket_93_1.JPGMartin QD Bushing w/ keyway 1/4 x 1/8 in., 1 in. bore9.003
60BTB20 2012sprockets/Sprocket_94_1.JPGMartin Taper Bushed Sprocket36.004
60BTB17 1610sprockets/Sprocket_95_1.JPGMartin Taper Bushed Sprocket32.002
50BS20 3/4sprockets/Sprocket_96_1.JPGMartin Bored to Size Sprocket; 3/4 in. bore, 20 teeth, size 50 chain, 5/8 in. pitch15.001
50BTB19 1610sprockets/Sprocket_97_1.JPGMartin Taper Bushed Sprocket13.003
60BS15 1sprockets/Sprocket_98_1.JPGMartin Bored to Size Sprocket; 1 in. bore, 15 teeth24.002
50BS17 1sprockets/Sprocket_99_1.JPGMartin Bored to Size Sprocket; 17 teeth, 1 in. bore, steel, B-Hub11.003
50 30sprockets/Sprocket_9_1.JPGMartin Sprocket; A-Plate, 30 teeth 3/4 in. bore, 5/8 in. pitch, No. 50-Chain18.001