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Standard Manufacturing Tolerances

Lengths: ± 1/16" on lengths 12" or less. ± 1/8" on lengths 12" or over.

O.D. Tolerances clearfix: ± .015

Bore I.D.: + .005 -.003

End Thickness: 1/4" +/- 1/16" except Model CT260 LS and Model CT 433 B. See Catalog for specifications on these wells.

Concentricity of Bore to O.D.: ± 10 % of min. wall thickness.

Wetted Surfaces Finish: 16-32 Ra is standard. Special finishes are available upon request.

Male Threads (NPT): ± 1 turn on thread gage.

Female Threads: Both 1/2" NPSM and 1/2" NPT are stocked. Please specify. Go gauge to 5/8" depth of thread. No go gauge 2 turns max.

End of Wells: Break corners - no burrs.

Lagging Ext.: Hex on threaded wells.

Stamping: Type of material and identification code stamped on hex or round.

Flanged Wells: Made in accordance with ANSI B16.5. Raidsed face is serrated.

Welding: Full penetration welds are standard.