Industrial Equipment for Your Technical and Mechanical Needs

Line Sheet

Product Lines

Air & Gas Pressure Switches

Scales, Balances, & Calibration Weights

Analog and Industrial Water Treatment Controllers

EPDM Pipe & Duct Insulation

Electrical boxes and enclosures

Pressure, Level, Temperature Swiches & Transducers

Level & Pressure Sensors / Transmitters

pH, ORP, Conductivity Sensors

Temperature and Process Controls

Smart Transmitters

Industrial Heating & Heat Trace Solutions

Wireless Data Loggers

Instrument and Control Repair

Precision Pneumatic Electropneumatic Controls

Flowmeters - Magnetic, Vortex, Turbine, Gear, Paddlewheel

Unique Split Sheath Cartridge Heaters

Digital Panel Meters

Positive Temperature Coefficient Self-Regulating Heating Elements

Sanitary Valves

Chart Recorders & Data Loggers

Water Powered Dosing Technology

Pressure, Flow, Level Sensors & Controls

Infrared Heat Guns Electrical Test Instruments

Temperature Controls

Gas and Flame Detection

Portable Gas Detection Instrumentation

Melt Pressure & Temperature Transducers

Proximity, Photoelectric, Pneumatic, Capacitive

Force & Torque Measurement

Immersion & Tubular Electrical Heating Elements

Temperature Transmitters

Heaters for Drums, Totes, & Containers

Temperature, Level, and Humidity Sensors

Lab/Industrial Instruments for Temperature & pH

Level, Pressure, Flow Instruments

Electronics for measurement, control and networking

Air Heaters

Temperature Controllers

Industrial and Sanitary Level Controls

Wireless Data Loggers

Solenoid Valves

Cartridge & Band Heaters

Portable Clamp On Flow Meters

Data Loggers (Paperless Recorders)

Measurement, Control, Recording

Temperature Controls & Recorders

Panel & Process Meters

Wet Process Heating and Cooling Equipment

Flame Safety

Thermometers & Pressure Gauges / Transmitters

Electronic Measuring & Calibration Instruments

Industrial Insulation Blankets

Pressure Gauges & Transmitters

RH Sensors / Transmitters

Data Loggers and Data Logging Solutions

Sanitary Pumps & Valves, Rotary & Centrifugal Pumps, Homogenizers

Humidity, Dew Point, Moisture & Air Velocity

Analytical Sensors and Instruments, Flowmeters, Level Controls

Data Loggers

Diaphragm Metering Pumps

Sanitary Pumps, Stainless Valves, Hygenic Actuators, Strainers

Sanitary Valves, Pumps, Filters, Strainers, Agitators

Level Indication & Control for Powders & Bulk Solids

Thermocouples and RTDs

Stock Controls, Inc.
Stock Controls, Inc. of Wayne, PA was acquired in August, 2010 by W. H. Cooke & Co., Inc.

Martin Equipment Inc.
Martin Equipment Inc. of Baltimore, MD was acquired in December 2014 by W. H. Cooke & Co., Inc.