W. H. Cooke & Co. engineers and manufacturers sensors for packaging machines and supplies the heaters and controls to go with them. We can cross many OEM parts for your packaging machine.

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Here are some of the items used by our Packaging customers:

  • SP-858 2-wire RTD equal to Hayssen #10327A1068
  • 10327A1078 Hayssen Cartridge Heater, 400W-120V
  • SPO-388 Cartridge Heater equal to Hayssen 10327A1095
  • SP-1704 2-wire RTD equal to Hayssen #10327A1068 except B=18" (similar to SP-858 except shorter B dimension and teflon insulated leads instead of fiberglass)
  • SP-1585 2-wire RTD equal to Hayssen #10327A1068 (x=supplied TP-900-40-B polyolefin tubing (275°F) over fiberglass leads)
  • SP-1585-FEP Cat# SP-1585 2-wire RTD equal to Hayssen #10327A1068 (FEP=supplied TP-400-107 FEP wire rated 400°F)
  • PL006 6 oz bottle of ProLube
  • 5600.01 4 oz. bottle Watlube (Old #T255016)
  • SPO-532 Cartridge heater 110V 250W 3/8" x 6.5" long 10" teflon leads (TNA#2038-91)
  • SPO-388-X 5/16” OD x 13-1/8” immersion (13.625”OAL) cartridge heater for Hayssen jaws, 30” teflon leads exiting at rt angle, 250W-120V equal to Hayssen #10327A1095 (x=27" TP-900-2 PVC shrink over leads, transition potted with epoxy)