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Since 1963, W. H. Cooke & Co. has been serving our customers as a manufacturer of thermocouples, RTD's, and thermistors and a distributor of instrumentation and controls for temperature, pressure, level, flow, pH, RH, flame and gas detection and heaters. We also sell chart recorders and chart paper and pens as well as paperless recorders, data loggers, pumps, valves, and motors, and industrial oils, solvents, and lubricants. Calibration and repair services available.

Since 1963, W. H. Cooke & Co. has been serving our customers as a manufacturer of thermocouples, RTD's, and thermistors and a distributor of instrumentation and controls for temperature, pressure, level, flow, pH, RH, flame and gas detection and heaters. We also sell chart recorders and chart paper and pens as well as paperless recorders, data loggers, pumps, valves, and motors, and industrial oils, solvents, and lubricants. Calibration and repair services available.


Melt Pressure Transducers, Rupture Discs, & Melt Temperature Sensors

We sell Melt Pressure Transducers, Rupture Discs, & Melt Temperature Sensors. We are a distributor for GP:50 pressure transducers and we can also quote brands including Gentran and Dynisco. Our transducers and sensors have ½-20 threads and can be made for various pressure limits and as Type J or Type K thermocouples.


Gentran Transducers
Dynisco Pressure Sensors
Dynisco Melt Thermocouples
Rupture Discs


Heaters & Parts for UBE Extrusion Press

We supply tubular heaters and spare parts including Steatite ceramic holding isolators, Mica tubes and washers, for UBE Japanese Extrusion Presses including the 2500 and 3600 ton models.


Flir C3-X Powerful, Compact Thermal Camera System

The FLIR C3-X makes it easier than ever to inspect for hidden problems, document repairs, and share evidence with customers. Featuring a 128 × 96 pixel thermal sensor, MSX® (Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging), a 5-megapixel visual camera, and LED flashlight, the C3-X is an affordable inspection tool for electrical/mechanical, building, and maintenance applications. Directly upload and store images to the FLIR Ignite™ cloud, where you can organize and back up files. Instantly share images with customers or create professional reports from a mobile device or computer.
FLIR C3-X Datasheet

FLIR C3-X Manual

FLIR C3-X Brochure


Attn: E-coat/Electrocoating Customers

PPG-CT55-KIT-REV3 Conductivity/TDS/Temperature bench top meter with an extra large LCD display,adjustable cell constants K=0.1, 1.0, 10.0, programmable temperature co-efficient and reference temperature. Battery or 155/230 AC powered. Temperature compensation probe with 3 ft. quick disconnect cable. CE approved.

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W.H. Cooke Buffer Solution

W.H. Cooke & Co., Inc. carries many laboratory testing chemicals, reagents, and buffer solutions. Please call for pricing and bulk discounts.


CT55 Series Conductivity Cup (CT55-0010)

The CT55 Series Conductivity Cup is an excellent choice for customers that need a durable, high range conductivity sensor for difficult applications such as paint, viscous liquids or other difficult samples.

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W.H. Cooke Compost Thermometers

The Cooke Compost Thermometer is ideally suited for monitoring interior temperatures of compost piles and windrows. The clear, easy to read dial, with the pointer directly driven by the sensitive bi-metal helix in the bottom of the stem, gives an accurate reading every time. Used by composters everywhere for waste disposal, recycling, mushroom growing, chicken and turkey composting, etc.

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Proofer Control Systems: PCS-3000 Series

Designed for retrofitting your existing proof box or fermentation room, the Cooke PCS-3000 state of the art control system eliminates all of the problems associated with wet/dry bulb control systems.

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Dough Temperature Monitors: RTS-800 System

The Cooke Model RTS-800 Dough Temperature Monitor is the latest electronic tool developed by W. H. Cooke & Co. to help the baking industry improve product quality, reduce product loss and prevent costly down time. No more horror stories of pocket thermometers being gobbled up by rising dough or accidentally being left behind and sent through the dough pump or divider, ruining an entire batch.

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Dalton Watt-Flex Cartridge Heater

From the Leader in Cartridge Heater Technology A Unique Split-Sheath Design That Reduces the Cost of Process Heating.

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PCR-4000 Portable Chino Recorder

Portable Chino Hybrid Strip Chart Recorder in a rugged enclosure with back mount thermocouple jack panel.

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Our Industries


The Brewing Industry has been rapidly growing in recent years with many micro­breweries and micro­distilleries popping up and bringing unique flavors and styles to the beer and liquor consumer. Precise measurement and control is essential to producing the right conditions for repeatability and a quality product. W. H. Cooke & Co. can help with your application with technical support and quoting the correct sensor, control, or heater for the job.


The food industry requires stringent guidelines to insure that the product going out the door is safe and fresh, and remains that way until it reaches the consumers plate. Quality control is crucial during every step of the manufacturing process, as well as during cold storage and transport. We manufacture thermocouples and RTD's custom fabricated to your exact specifications with many options including sanitary tri-clover fittings, transmitters, explosion proof heads, and more. We can also assist with designing and building system to accomplish your food manufacturing goals. We carry pH buffers and other liquid solutions as well as meters, electrodes, and other laboratory equipment to assist with accurate quality assurance. We also offer a variety of options for monitoring and recording temperature, pressure, level, flow, relative humidity, and pH. These instruments include paper chart recorders, paperless recorders and data loggers, and in-transit data loggers for when the product is shipped to its destination. We also handle heaters for different food applications such as heating product and sealing bags or containers with form fill and seal machines and other packaging equipment. We cross over thermocouples, RTD's and catridge heaters for many of the packaging machines being used for manufacturing plants. Our exact match sensors, controls, and heaters can provide a great cost savings alternative than going back to the OEM of the machine.


The Dairy industry requires careful monitoring and documentation of temperature and other parameters such as level, flow and pressure. The USDA requires dairy producers to show proof that their product was produced and maintained according to strict guidelines. Then the product must be stored and transported while maintaining temperatures in accordance with USDA regulations. W. H. Cooke & Co. manufactures temperature sensors for the dairy industry including RTD's with sanitary fittings for CIP (Clean in Place) systems and other applications. We can add transmitters in the heads and custom fabricate to you specifications.


In the plastics industry, tight control of parameters such as level, flow, pressure, humidity, and temperature can be crucial to a repeatable and high quality product. Whether you are executing injection molding, blow molding, or rotational molding, thermoforming, or compression molding, the correct sensors, controls, band heaters can make a world of difference between wasted product and inefficiency and a finely tuned operation. At W. H. Cooke & Co. we can help with your plastic manufacturing equipment needs and the technical support to keep you up and running. Please contact us at (717) 630-2222 or send your requests to


In the Metals Industry, temperature control is critical to a high quality and consistent product. W. H. Cooke & Co. manufactures temperature sensors and sells instrumentation and heaters for your specific application. Metal Industry customers include: aluminum extruders, blast furnace metal manufacturers, sintered metal manufacturers, plating tanks, and powder coating.


The Oil and Gas industry is reliant on accurate measurement and control in order to produce the different products that come from crude oil including petroleum naphtha, gasoline, diesel fuel, asphalt base, heating oil, kerosene and liquefied petroleum gas . Temperature, flow, level, and pressure are a few of the parameters that W. H. Cooke & Co. handles for our oil and gas customers. Below are a few of the products that we supply to this industry.


The Energy Industry requires careful monitoring of parameters including temperature, humidity, level, flow, and pressure. W. H. Cooke & Co. can fabricate custom sensors that can hold up in your corrosive environments at high temperatures. Call to discuss your application and provide us with information such as what gases and chemicals are present, temperatures that the sensor will see, and what the material that the sensor or protection tube will be exposed to. Below are a few of the items that are used by our customers in the energy industry.

In August of 2010, W. H. Cooke & Co., Inc. acquired Stock Controls, Inc., an industrial controls distributor based in Wayne, Pennsylvania (near Philadelphia). We added the following lines to our product offering: Partlow, Antunes, Future Design Controls, Imada, Magnatrol, and Protection Controls, Inc.

On January 1, 2015 W. H. Cooke & Co., Inc. acquired Martin Equipment, Inc., distributor of Sanitary & Industrial Process Equipment based in Baltimore, Maryland. We have added the following lines and products: Alfa-Laval LKH centrifugal pumps, APV Pumps (SPX), BFV Valves & pumps, Boiler Feed Pumps, Chicago Stainless Equipment, Inc. (Manufacturer of Sanitary Instrumentation), Dean Pump DL Series Parts, Definox Valves & Pumps, Defontaine Valves, Dixon Valves & Pumps, Fristam Pumps, Goulds Pumps, Keystone Valves, LC Thomsen Pump parts, Manway Gaskets, Potter-Rayfield Agitator parts, Taco, Tassalini Valves, TC Pumps, Top Line Pumps, and other butterfly valves, agitator parts and pumps. MEI Manufacturers List