Meat Packing Sensors and Supplies

We have meat penetration probes for the meat packing industry. They are designed with a sharp tip for easy penetration into meat, poultry and other food products. White Teflon covered lead wire is made to handle rough service. FDA approved potting material waterproofs this temperature sensor.  We have this available in 100 ohm or 1000 ohm Platinum RTD with 2 or 3 wire construction. Thermocouple versions in type K, type T or type J are also available.

We will customize a sensor according to your application or requirements.


Wet Bulb Sock

P151074-Q150891 3” x 6” Wet Bulb Smokehouse Sock

Visit our Wet Bulb Sock Portal for more information.

Meat Penetration Probe

All available in 100 ohm or 1000 ohm RTD or thermocouple version

Probe Type Entire Probe Penetration End
Standard Model
Heavy Duty w/Reduced Tip
w/Stainless Steel Stop
w/ Bakelite Handle and Stainless Steel Stop
w/ Bakelite Handle and Stainless Steel Stop and Coiled Cord
w/ Stainless Steel Handle and Stainless Steel Stop
w/ Stainless Steel Handle and Over the Side Attachment

Meat Penetration Probe


Madgetech Wireless Temperature Datalogger Model RFOT

Wireless Meat Temperature Logger with External Probe


Madgetech High Temperature Datalogger Model# HiTemp150-TSK

HiTemp150-TSK - Rugged High Temperature data logger with thermal shield


Madgetech Submersible High Temperature Datalogger Model# HITEMP150FP

HiTemp150FP - Rugged Submersible High Temperature data recorder with flexible probe.


Madgetech 8 Channel Temperature Datalogger Model# OCTTEMP2000

The OctTemp2000 is an 8 channel temperature logger with an LCD. The device features onscreen minimum, maximum and average statistics, as well as a user configurable graphics screen that allows for any combination of channels to be displayed.


Madgetech Infrared Thermocouple Datalogger Model# IRTC110

The IRTC110 is a miniature, battery powered, stand alone, infrared thermocouple based temperature recorder, for nearly instantaneous, non-contact, temperature measurements.


Madgetech Meat Cooking Datalogger Model# OT1000

Meat cooking and cool down logger with flexible piercing probe.


Madgetech Model# QuadThermoVault

4-channel, oven temperature recorder with QuadTemp and external thermocouple probes, (type K, 72" included)