The food industry requires stringent guidelines to insure that the product going out the door is safe and fresh, and remains that way until it reaches the consumers plate. Quality control is crucial during every step of the manufacturing process, as well as during cold storage and transport. We manufacture thermocouples and RTD's custom fabricated to your exact specifications with many options including sanitary tri-clover fittings, transmitters, explosion-proof heads, and more.

We can also assist with designing and building system to accomplish your food manufacturing goals. We carry pH buffers and other liquid solutions as well as meters, electrodes, and other laboratory equipment to assist with accurate quality assurance. We also offer a variety of options for monitoring and recording temperature, pressure, level, flow, relative humidity, and pH. These instruments include paper chart recorders, paperless recorders and data loggers, and in-transit data loggers for when the product is shipped to its destination. We also handle heaters for different food applications such as heating product and sealing bags or containers with form fill and seal machines and other packaging equipment.

We cross over thermocouples, RTD's and cartridge heaters for many of the packaging machines being used for manufacturing plants. Our exact match sensors, controls, and heaters can provide a great cost savings alternative than going back to the OEM of the machine.