MadgeTech Inc.

MadgeTech, Inc. is a global company, based in New England and founded on old-fashioned principles, customer service, quality, and trust. MadgeTech’s President, Norman Carlson, started the company in 1996 and charted the growth of the product lines and services while maintaining those solid core principles. Their Can Do team of engineers and technical staff consistently incorporate new and innovative ideas into their data loggers. Their competitors have praised us by adopting many of our ideas as their own. Over time, MadgeTech has become the industry standard in the data logger market. MadgeTech continuously develops new, cutting-edge products, creating solutions for their customers around the world in industries across the board. Their products are now sold in over 100 countries around the world. Their employees are committed to quality and customer satisfaction. Behind the full range of MadgeTech’s products and services is the cumulative expertise of experienced engineers, manufacturing and electronic professionals and technicians. MadgeTech is dedicated to providing customers with reliable, affordable products, hassle-free ordering, and excellent service, saving customers time and money. The products and services that bear the MadgeTech name come with quality assurance and the best support in the industry today. MadgeTech is located in Warner, New Hampshire.